In the Night Kitchen

This blog isn’t just about me rustling up some deliriously amazing (read disaster) meal; it’s also about living in someone else’s home.  So I want to highlight one of the wonderful things about moving in with my mother-in-law, the greatest hoarder this side of Hoardsville.  Our new home is also the house in which my husband grew up and we are starting to discover some of the books from his childhood stashed away.

There’s one in particular that I would like to bring to your attention: Maurice Sendak’s (you know, the chap who created ‘Where the Wild Things Are’) amazingly-written, beautifully-illustrated, funny and incredibly dark ‘In the Night Kitchen’ (1970).  Zippy adores it.  Her parents adore it.  And I covet it even more since I discovered it is also one of ‘The 15 Most Controversial Picture Books’ of the last century.  It’s perfect.  Whoever can lyrically blend Oliver Hardy, astronomy, nudity, cake-baking, and the Holocaust in a book for kids is a legend.

'I'm in the milk and the milk's in me!'


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