Pudding Lane

So, we all know that the Great Fire of London started in Pudding Lane.  (At Thomas Farriner’s bakery, in 1666, to be precise.)  Well, the Great Fire of the Mother-in-Law’s Kitchen started with a pudding too.  It was bound to happen.  The AGA was going to get the better of me and, three weeks in to our tempestuous relationship, it positively choked out a great lump of coal in a baking tin where my scrumptious hunk of chunky, chewy flapjacks mix had been.

For goodness sake, the cooking time on the recipe is 25 minutes.  Yet 15 minutes in (during which time I was bathing my daughter), the AGA was coughing out puffs of sugary, oaty smoke, as if it were finally succumbing to its 60-a-day habit.

Well, (*fist shaking*) you won’t get the better of me!

Having cooled the charred remains of my flapjacks in the fridge and turned the tray out onto a board, I forensically sifted through the debris and sliced off the burnt top and bottom.  Yes, TOP AND BOTTOM.  At 10pm this evening I am left with a tub of skinny (BUT CHEWY!!!) flapjacks that will fuel our journey to London tomorrow to celebrate our daughter Zippy’s birthday.

If you would like to make (and not burn) these delicious and, in part, nutritious flapjacks, click here to see the recipe.


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