Orange-tinted glasses

Carrot_Cake7This past weekend I have been experiencing what I shall call my ‘Orange Period’.  I’m not sure how long-lived this comestible epoch will be, seeing as I have yet to confront the persimmons that I picked up on Saturday, which are currently starring at me, angry-faced, from the fruit bowl. (This is the fruit, I tell you, that has left my husband scarred since once upon a time it literally drew all the moisture from his mouth with one fell bite. So, as his friend, it is my duty to ensure that the next time he tastes the flesh of a persimmon, it doesn’t leave his mouth quite resembling a cat’s arse.)

As you’ve probably guessed, the ‘Orange Period’ is not just about oranges. Oh no. It covers other orange-coloured bases – specifically those wintry gifts that mother nature (and HM Revenue & Customs) bestows upon us – and this hue does seem to mark the sweetest of winter fodder. So far, this red-yellow spell has been a rather creative period in which I have become a sort of domestic Mata Hari. But without the exotic dancing. (Maybe.) My culinary espionage sees me sneak orange-coloured vegetables into dishes that will either surprise the diners who devour them or – and I’m really ashamed to say this – trick my beautiful daughter into having her 5-a-day.

focaccia_2On Friday night I made a sweet potato, olive, onion and rosemary flatbread that strangely (and perhaps science-defyingly, for a bread) seems to improve with age – it mopped up that star anise-scented lamb and barley stew with such finesse last night. And on Saturday I whipped up a dairy-free and sugar-free carrot, hazelnut, almond and orange cake for tea guests. Yes, this is an actual HEALTHY CAKE. Neither recipe is tricky and both, I can assure, are equally nutritious and ambrosial.

Click here to view the sweet potato, olive, onion and rosemary flatbread recipe.
Click here to view the recipe for my carrot, hazelnut, almond and orange cake.

I invite you to kindly await my next installment whereby the persimmons and I do battle.


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